We Support You From Design To Supply

Bridging Concepts to Markets


  • Development of high standard quality and design household and houseware appliances, but extensive to other items based on our wide experience
  • DFM/DFA (Design to manufacture/design to assembly)
  • Study function, materials, processes and economical perspectives of the items and its parts for the market fitting.
  • Study packaging, label and transport features, combining branding communication with the logistic and operations requirements
  • Production tools development for every process
  • Sampling with different processes: 3D print, SLS, SLA, CNC, moulding, casting, etc.

Involving stakeholders such as Designers, R&D, Engineering, SOP, Marketing and Finance, our processes take several steps:

Identify customer needs and objectives

Evaluate existing products and market conditions

Define product concept and specifications (function, design, quality, cost, expected volumes, etc)

Concept Design and refinement

Check feasibility: technologies, finance, schedule, etc.

Define calendar, timeline and milestones

Detail design, make drawings, specifications and prototype

Validate and approve fully transparent Cost Breakdown

Test and finalize design, including quality parameters and evaluating potential risks

Define production requirements, design and build tools

Define lean supply chain and distribution processes, including after-sales service

Select, procure, source, contract and obtain production solutions

Start up production, test, verify, correct and validate

Start mass production, orders processing and deliveries

  • Strategic procurement within a global procurement network
  • Analyze and provide information about supply market, preferred suppliers and supplier innovation
  • Establish proper sourcing processes, manage all procurement activities in the project and coordinate all involved procurement resources
  • Develop procurement strategy and negotiation approach for assigned projects in close collaboration with the customers
  • Lead complex contractual and price negotiations and/or support the responsible strategic buyers
  • Ensure that major procurement risks, changes to original scope of supply and potential claims (towards customers and suppliers) are covered in valid contracts
  • Conduct Supplier Management in assigned projects (including Supplier Qualification, project-specific supplier evaluations and supplier development)

Selecting the best partners, equipment, tools and production means, materials to produce, how to assemble and pack all kinds of parts and items to be supplied, according to the specified processes

  • Stamping
  • Machining
  • Surface treatments (coatings, plating, PVD, polish)
  • Injection
  • Extrusion
  • Compression
  • Casting
  • Welding
  • Assemblies and all related processes and devices
  • etc
Flexible, lean and customizable solutions:Each customer and product requires a unique solution
Modeling of operations:Different methods evaluation allows the selection of the best model, efficient, affordable, reliable and sustainable
Procurement:Selection of the best in class for the required solutions, with vendor management, negotiation, sourcing and supply
Order Management and Optimization:From order entry to order is fulfilled. Can manage simple orders or build a demand planning and forecast method allowing better service and savings
Inventory Management:Optimization of flows and quantities allows lower inventory, even if in different locations, with less touches, reduced overstock and obsolescence, increase inventory turns
Manufacture, Assembly and Packaging:Made in the same sequence of operations or in customized operations
QC and Testing on sites:Guaranteeing good quality items are always available at the right time and place, compliant
Import and export procedures:Export documentation and customs clearance
Warehouse services:From simple warehouse to customization made with new assemblies or repacking and spare parts
Distribution solutions:B2B or B2C
Claims management:As even the best model of process sequence is not fail proof, control and follow-up every claim on each step is required, so it does not reach the next stage (repairing, recovering, returning or replacing).
Transportation:By land, sea or air, goods will get where required when needed
Financial and Service metrics implementation:Tab ContentFull control of operations and services providers performances in real time with full control of present and expected costs, building trends and reducing working capital and increasing margins and profits